Customs and Handling

We would like to inform you that customs at every country possibly charge duty fees. They depend on the kind of goods and its price. In any case those fees aren’t included in the sales price. In the European Union prices lower than 22.- Euro are custom free. In case the goods exceed 22,- Euro sales tax of 19% for textiles are due. Please be informed at local customs and there website for recent changes. Packages lower than 150,- Euro are solely charged for import tax. (19%) Example: Goods 44.98 Euro + 19% import tax = 8.55 Euro (import tax)


Free Shipping

Worldwide on orders up 150€


Delivery costs

Shipping costs are always based on the weight of the article, which you can see after your purchase.

Weight Shipping Cost
0.1 kg 3.11 €
0.2 kg 4.52 €
0.3 kg 5.92 €
0.4 kg 7.32 €
0.5 kg 8.72 €
0.6 kg 10.13 €
0.7 kg 11.53 €
0.8 kg 12.93 €
0.9 kg 14.33 €
1 kg 15.74 €
1.1 kg 17.14 €
1.2 kg 18.54 €
1.3 kg 19.94 €
1.4 kg 21.35 €
1.5 kg 22.75 €
1.6 kg 24.15 €
1.7 kg 25.55 €
1.8 kg 26.95 €
1.9 kg 28.36 €
2 kg 29.76 €
2.1 kg 52.03 €
2.2 kg 52.03 €
2.3 kg 52.03 €
2.4 kg 52.03 €
2.5 kg 52.03 €
2.6 kg 52.03 €



We ship worldwide from Thailand with registered Thai Post and Deutscher Post. After submitting the order you will receive a shipping notification by email. The receipt of the goods you need to confirm with your signature. If your package can not be delivered because you were not at home, you receive a notification of the courier that the packet will be re-delivered or deposited at teh nearest branch. Please contact  the courier to clarify the delivery. If the specified address is incorrect or  customer has refused to accept, the goods will be sent back to us. In this case, we reserve the right to charge for the  shipping and the return costs.
For the really big packages or wholesaler (Boxing ring etc), we have a good logistics company that handles the shipment via air mail or cargo by sea.


Transit time

The average shipping time in most countries are 8 – 14 workdays but in some cases it can be up to 3 – 4 weeks. Those depend on the country and its custom’s issuing time. We hope you have an understanding that we have no influence on those factors. We also advertise Express shipping by DHL, FEDEX or TNT) around 3-5 businessdays for arrival. Shipments can be tracked with our Tracking tool.


Your Order

For questions regarding your order, the delivery status, complaints or return you reach our customer service at To be able to assign your order as quickly as possible, please advice always your order number.

We usually respond within 24 hours. If you have not received a response within this time, check the spam folder of your email account.